The Teletalks Mobile VoIP Dialer lets you make cheap calls to national or international destinations.

Teletalksapps OTT Dialer is the best Android & iPhone voip solution. You can save on your mobile phone costs right away, by using this .It’s offers free 5G,4G calls or WiFi calls for Android and iPhone users. It’s compatible with all softswitch & IP PBX. It facilitated a super advanced communication platform.Teletalks offers lot of customizable features which are effective, up-to-the minute and ensures uninterrupted global communication. Mobile SIP Dialer solutions to VoIP service providers, resellers, distributors, enterprises or organizations.

Features of VoIP Mobile Dialer

  • Graphical User Interface That Is Friendly To Users: VoIP Mobile Dialer is able to always provide a fantastic graphical interface that provides the user with a natural level of comfort. The consumers will find that their long-distance connection is now very easy and exciting to utilise.
  • Integration with the Mobile Address Book and Phone Book: It is simple for VoIP Mobile Dialer  to include the user’s preexisting phone book into the dialer. It interacts seamlessly with mobile phone books, allowing VoIP calling to take place.White Label VoIP Mobile Dialer makes it possible to construct a completely white-labeled mobile dialer application, brand the whole process from beginning to finish, and customise the application according to the requirements of the client for their own unique branding.
  • Safe and Sound Transmissions: Due to the one-of-a-kind manner in which it operates, a SIP dialer may provide an exceptionally high level of protection for worldwide communication. The integration of sophisticated network security technologies gives it a unique selling point and makes it more convenient.
  • The Integration of Payment Gateways: Integration of a payment gateway is an inescapable component of corporate communication, and this technology makes it possible to integrate with any payment gateway in an incredibly simple manner.
  • Codec Support: The extensive support of codes offered by the mobile SIP dialer is one of the excellent advantages of this app. This technology has the capability to handle a wide variety of codecs, including G729, GSM, iLBC, Speex, G711, and G722.
  • PSTN : At this point when mobile VoIP dialer and softphones apps are by and large so unmistakable it should have masters over the customary PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Voice over IP administration is less expensive than PSTN. There are melanges of advantages having VoIP Mobile Dialer. Less expensive and productive calls can be made utilizing the dialer. Mobile Dialers and Softphones are reliant upon Internet or Wi-Fi which makes it qualified to take note of that they can be available from any topographical area be it an alternate country. Subsequently they are broadly utilized for settling on decisions abroad. A result of involving these applications is huge expense decrease for business administrators and the reserve funds of the clients.

Teletalk Dialer is considered as one of the most outstanding capable mobile dialer software supplier. Teletalk has raised an unprecedented picture by dint of the Softphone with the sublime quality and amazing solution gave to its clients Inside of the high level VoIP Industry. The particular specialized help is another huge reason to choose Teletalk Softphone.

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